I am a 33-year-old guy working in a tech startup called Chargebee. I lead the Implementations team. I am trying to not tie all of my worth to the work I do. I have a whole basket of interests that I am yet to deep dive into. I am right now figuring out what is it that I want out of my life and hence going through therapy.

When I broached the topic of starting a newsletter again I was asked to come up with a niche that I could write deeply on. I came up with the idea of writing a newsletter that talked about my renewed focus on personal growth by measuring everything. I even wrote the first draft. But then I asked what after it? How do I pivot into something else? 

I dropped the idea of keeping the newsletter only about one topic. I am going to write about a lot of things. 

So as a reader what can you expect?

- Podcast Recommendations

- Excerpts from Articles/Essays/Books  

- Personal Growth Stories

- Pop Culture - TV, Movies, Art

- Poetry, Philosophy & Lessons of Life from Famous People

One thing I can promise is authenticity. I have lived a life dancing to the tunes of others. I am what they call a people pleaser. I am tired of playing that role. I have not switched roles yet but I am at the crossroads of taking on that journey. I invite you to join me in the passenger seat while I get comfortable for the long road ahead. Like most journeys, we will get many forks down the road and I hope you will stay with me while I figure out the way. 

The best place to find me is on Twitter.

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Adi Patil

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